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About Us

Founded in 1992 by Julegka Motaung, Zuleka Hair has grown into a trend setting, premium and upmarket salon with a professional yet stylish and friendly environment, where nothing but quality and diversity is offered.

Hair and Nails are our two main streams. We specialise in all types of hair and also are stockists of women and men’s top hair care brands. So we ensure that your hair does the talking. We cater for both middle to High income class.

Our goal is to have your hair and nails do the talking by give you nothing but quality and make all your hair & nail problems our problems.

Our Mission

To be the outstanding hair salon with making changes that are worth making just like beautifying making our clients beauty a priority as beauty is every person confidence

Our Vision

Is to make sure that every client that we service has an unforgettable experience and to have a golden touch that will be irresistible building a relationship with our clients that will make then satisfied regulars.

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